Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the Smart Global Network?
The Smart Global Network is a membership-only networking environment created to support our candidates in developing new relationships with other business professionals in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.
2. How do I benefit from the Smart Global Networ?
Members of the Smart Global Network will be able to search for and contact other members across the globe. In particular, members will benefit from this network by:

- Building trust with other business professionals
- Sharing knowledge and trends on markets/industries
- Expanding your network into new countries/industries
- Conducting business across the globe
- Accessing all business professionals in our database
3. Who can access this network?
Any professional or executive who is registered in our database can access our Smart Global Network.
4. How secure is this network?
We have invested in a new system built with Data Encryption capabilities. This system allows us to provide you with a secure on-line experience by safeguarding you and your professional information.
5. What part of my information will other members see via this network?
Members of the Smart Global Network will only see the information shown on the Smart Biz Card. This information includes your name, job title, country and state, and up to three industries of interest to you. All other information remains private and confidential.
6. How much does the membership cost?
Membership is free.
7. How do I become a member of the Smart Global Network?
You become a member by joining our Smart Global Network. In other words, membership does not happen automatically. In order to join this network, you need to go to the Smart Global Network Page and agree to make your Smart Biz Card visible plus adhere to our Rules of Conduct by clicking on both boxes at the bottom of the page. Doing this will automatically create your Smart Biz Card and activate your membership with the network.
8. How do I search for other members in this network?
Immediately after activating your membership with our Smart Global Network, you will be able to search for other members in our network. Searching for other members is done by simply clicking on the Search For Other Members link and specifying one or more of the following criteria: first name, last name, country, state, city, industry, or job title. Upon sending your specific search, the system will display the Smart Biz Cards of all the members in the network that match your search criteria.
9. How do I contact other members?
In order to introduce yourself to new members, you will need to first conduct a specific search. See question # 8 for directions. Immediately after sending your search, the system will display the Smart Biz Cards of all the members in the network that match your search criteria. You will then have the option to introduce yourself to any member displayed as part of
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