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The Value Search Team is a consulting practice launched in 2009, to assist technology product companies - particularly startups and early stage enterprises – in developing sales strategies, creating value-based sales practices, implementing sales acceleration programs and supporting internationalization processes. The firm based in Madrid, and operates as a networked practice of experts with broad delivery capabilities and global reach.

Bloomberg L.P. began in 1981. Mike Bloomberg's goal was to create an information-service, news, and media company that provides business and financial professionals with the tools and data they need on a single, all inclusive platform.

The success of Bloomberg L.P. is due to the constant innovation of our products, unrivaled dedication to customer service and the unique way in which we constantly adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

The New York-based company employs more than 10,000 people in over 135 offices around the world. Bloomberg is about information: accessing it, reporting it, analyzing it and distributing it, faster and more accurately than any other organization.

The BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service, the core product of Bloomberg, is the fastest-growing real-time financial information network in the world.

Cadence provides real estate investment management and capital advisory services. Cadence is uniquely structured to benefit from knowledge synergies between the property and capital markets. Cadence believes commercial real estate is a unique investment segment, requiring a detailed set of analytical skills and a disciplined approach, incorporating a thorough real estate valuation, and a proper -in-depth-and-hands-on- assessment of the risk and return profile.

Specifically, Cadence can help you by diagnosing and performing due diligence of real estate portfolios and analyses for acquisition, hold, and/or disposition. Cadence can also assist estimating values of various types of direct real estate and securities such as stocks and bonds based extensive experience in this field. Cadence further conducts thorough research and analyses of real estate markets, and comparative analyses through benchmarking including feasibility studies for investments and location decisions. Cadence identifies and diagnoses distressed real estate for opportunistic investment by performing due diligence and comparative scenario analyses. Finally, Cadence can structure and negotiate the most competitive capitalization for investments through a wide array of capital providers.

Read More About Cadence

Founded in 1993, we are an elite team of technology experts dedicated to helping companies understand, protect and defend their technology assets. We bring decades of collective experience developing web software applications, evaluating technology platforms, architecting enterprise systems and deploying hardware in audited data centers.

Since 1993, Corsis has provided due diligence assistance in corporate acquisitions ranging from $100,000 to $600 million. Having founded several technology startups and executed exit strategies for each of them, we are entrepreneurs who fully understand the pressures and demands of each stage of the corporate life cycle. Our team offers an unmatched level of business and technology knowledge which can provide you and your investors the confidence that your that your technology assets are safe.

'Technology with Confidence'. Corsis gives professional investors, entrepreneurs, and corporations confidence in their critical technologies. Our due diligence programs help clients minimize the risks associated with their technology systems, while maximizing the value of software assets. Read More About Corsis

SchellingPoint - Synchronize Your Destination
SchellingPoint's novel Alignment Optimization Technology™ enables leaders to create and sustain strong alignment around topics requiring coordinated action. Rapid, rigorous Alignment Cycles enable groups to move from 'Why are we here?' to 'We are going there' in a matter of hours. SchellingPoint brings agility and assurance to strategy, transformation, policy, relationships, projects, and processes.

Here is a sample of key topics that have been leveraged by the SchellingPoints' Alignment Optimization Technology™
On-boarding New Executives
You've secured the role and now want the shortest path to realizing the value you can bring your new organization. The traditional method of walking the halls, talking with your superiors, peers and staff to formulate your go-forward plan is valuable but inefficient and incomplete. The New Executive Strategy template ensures that you gather all of the opinion driving action and inaction around your function, and translate that into a roadmap that's right first time.
Human Resources Strategy
Optimizing your organization's talent management strategy ranges from continual fine-tuning to wholesale transformation. Ensuring that HR continually adds maximum value means balancing constrained financial resources and top, talented human resources. Everything can't be a focus. Should we build, buy, partner or outsource? The HR Strategy template ensures that the right conversation and the right conclusions become timely action.
Business Strategy and Execution
Responding to market demands with intelligent strategies, and then effectively executing them, is the key to success in today's competitive, global world of business. Alignment Cycle templates  bring speed, efficiency and full rigor to strategic execution on topics such as business start-ups, product innovation, cultural transformation, technology implementation, post-merger integration, and 60+ key topics faced today by all kinds of organizations around the world.

We are behavior analysts (the science of behavior analysis is a branch of psychology of learning) and we apply what we know about human performance to achieving business results for all sizes and types of companies. We end up creating what is described as 'profitable habits' - those repeatable patterns of behavior that allow corporations to achieve both their business (through management) and cultural mandates or desired states while creating positive behavior change across the operations. We work hard to teach our clients about how to avoid coercive methods of performance management to that which drives exceptional individual behavior and creates strong, positive habits within corporations in achieving particular objectives.

Profitable in our phrase of profitable habits refers to both money earned but also to worthwhile or of ethical value. We are known for our ability to turn something into a habit or high and steady rates or good performance quickly - whether it is a new product to market, customer focus, safety first, strategic rollout of major new direction or refinement of direction for a company, etc. We often focus on units of operations that have difficulty to match desired end states or we address rollouts across the companies we deal with.

Our clients range across all industries (see clients listed on our website www.aubreydaniels.com) from manufacturing, to service or retail. We also work on all kinds of problems or issues, from merger acquisition to cultural alignment to metrics to drive performance. We have been around for 35 years and are known for our ability to create positive cultural impact with high rates of behavior that drives business performance.


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